Who We Are

Culture Fox takes art enthusiasts and ardent travellers on creative excursions to explore European cities through the lens of art and culture.

You could be an active practitioner or an admirer of the art form, Culture Fox has varied programs to suit your needs through our unique fusion of art and travel, that employs collaboration and creativity.

These are engaging and participatory trips that transform you from an audience to a participant, from an observer to a creator, and take you on an immersive cultural exploration.

How it works

We bring together art enthusiasts with professional artists across borders to enable learning through cultural-exchange.

By providing artistic exposure and cultural experience in an indigenous setting, our programs aim to put the art in context to its location. Our special programs cater to school children, college students and working professionals.

Whether you want to revive your childhood dream of trying your hands at playing a musical instrument or are a ballet master who wants to gain international exposure, Culture Fox believes in you and your aspirations and strives to help you achieve them.

You get the unique opportunity to learn from, and work with professional artists and performers through workshops in various genres.


Art and culture empower us with experience, expression, innovation and an advanced sense of perception. They can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world.

Culture Fox considers art as an enabler and an educator. We believe in the power of art, and how the learning and exploration of various art forms and cultures in their native landscapes can help individuals with self-discovery and personal growth.


The Culture Fox objective is to enable learning through cultural-exchange by bringing together art enthusiasts with professional artists across borders. We wish to make art and art education accessible to people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. Our special programs cater to school children, college students and working professionals.


Transformation & Experience

We believe that involvement in the arts or any creative process is a transforming experience. The creation of art and the encounter with art in its cultural context is essential to understanding the nuances and intricacies of the art form, its techniques, culture and community. It can inspire, enlighten and evolve the individual by enhancing and broadening his/her perspective of the world.

Collaboration & Advocacy

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for collaboration and interaction with art disciplines, art agents, cultural institutions, artists and diverse art systems. We believe that by building alliances, we can work together to increase awareness, recognition and support for art and cultural education. This in-turn helps in creating an intrinsic global network that gives access to meaningful creative experiences and development opportunities to everyone involved.

Equality & Respect

We incorporate the best practices to work in favor of the interests of students, artists, cultural professionals and the art community. It is important to our work ethic that all contributing members and elements of our programs are treated with equality and respect, and benefit from the collaborations. We strive to play our part in shaping an environment that provides everyone with fair treatment and prospective opportunities.

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