– Workshop/Art mediation at Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Gemeente Museum & Berlinische Galerie
– Learn from and interact with many international artists.
– Be a part of the new and unique “Artsy” take on travel.

This Culture Fox program makes you time travel through the art scene in Netherlands and Germany – travelling through the golden era in Amsterdam, exploring modern art in The Hague and strolling through the contemporary street art scene in Berlin. The rich museum landscape, a wealth of galleries varying from offbeat to distinguished establishments and corners riddled with art in some shape or form, kettles it into the heady brew that is the European art scene.

Get a glimpse of the rich visual art circuit as your hands explore both creativity and the city. Interact with prominent art figures and attend extensive workshops by artists and art educators.

With Art mediation, interactive museums along with workshops on sketching, painting, street art and graffiti, you will learn more in a session here than you would in a year elsewhere and get an opportunity to showcase your potential to professionals.

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Michiel and Carmen, our local experts, will be your companion during the program in the Netherlands, and Germany; respectively.  The entire itinerary is designed for maximum learning opportunities, along with sufficient time to experience the location at a comfortable pace across the best-known locations and dates.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Day 1
Morning: Official welcome and gallery Art Tour of Jordaan
Afternoon: Art Mediation at Van Gogh Museum
Evening: Hit Nine Streets for some shopping followed by Dinner at De Reiger – one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam’s hippest district Jordaan

Day 2
Morning: Canal Tour
Afternoon: Sketching workshop with Rijksmuseum
Evening: Join the cool crowd in De Pijp with charming cafes and arty hotspots

The Hague, The Netherlands:
Day 3
Morning: Travel to The Hague + Tour of the Gemeente Museum followed by Lunch
Afternoon: Portrait painting workshop at Gemeente Museum
Evening: Dinner at the traditional Pannenkoekenboot

Day 4
Morning & Afternoon: Travel from Amsterdam to Berlin
Evening: enjoy the famous Berlin Currywurst at Mitte

Berlin, Germany
Day 5
Morning: Have a look at the impressive Brandenburg Gate and ascend to the iconic vantage point of the Reichstag building
Afternoon: Workshop with Berlinische Galerie
Evening: Check out the Gendarmenmarkt, an exclusive shopping street and have German cuisine for dinner at Das Lokal

Day 6
Morning: Walk the Berlin Wall and visit the famous east-west border Checkpoint Charlie and East Side Gallery and hunt down bargains at the flea market in Mauer Park
Afternoon: Gallery Art Tour of Berlin
Evening: Boat tour on Spree River followed by dinner

Day 7
Morning: Street Art Tour + Graffiti Workshop
Afternoon: Indulge in some DDR (Former East Germany) nostalgia by a visit of the interactive DDR Museum
Evening: Walk around the vibrant and hip districts Kreuzberg and Neukoelln and feel the flair of Neukoelln while having the farewell dinner at Little Orient

This Culture Fox program takes you on a journey to not just explore but also to contemplate the profuse Fine Arts scene of Netherlands and Germany. This has been delicately designed as a complete all round voyage into the visual art scene of three iconic cities of Europe.

We begin with exploring the Golden era in Amsterdam, move towards Modern Art in The Hague and finally dig inside the values of Berlin’s captivating Street Art, enabling you to absorb the transition of European Arts and Culture from the 19th century till these very times. In this week-long tour you will intrinsically create amusing memories to cherish for a lifetime and gain from a priceless opportunity to learn from the leading people who are behind the scenes themselves.

You will also get to interact with prominent art figures and locations across the visual arts circuit of Europe. It is a combination of exclusively curated workshops, while the tours are designed right inside the womb of the localised art scene. The experiences that you will carry back home are plotted around unmatched encounters and episodes of profound contemptuous joy of visual Art.

NETHERLANDS – Amsterdam / The Hague
The Netherlands’ rich tradition in art is famous world over. The Old Masters of the Dutch golden age, like Rembrandt and Vermeer, and centuries later Van Gogh, took painting to a new level. There is no substitute for seeing their masterpieces up close. Michiel, our local expert in Amsterdam, will be your companion during the program.

Day 1 – Amsterdam:
We start with an enchanting multiple gallery tour in Jordaan. Gallery exploration is followed by an exciting Art mediation at the iconic Van Gogh Museum. Art mediation is an intrinsic process to give an insight into the times and the culture that originated a specific form of art. In difference to a usual guided tour, Art mediation aims on stimulating your creativity and thought process. Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam boasts the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work on display keeping the legacy of the world-famous painter intact.
In the afternoon we hit the
nine streets for some shopping, followed by dinner in the Jordaan District.

Day 2 – Amsterdam:
In the morning we the famous canal tour followed by an intensely engaging and explanatory sketching workshop at the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ biggest art museum and houses many masterpieces from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and other Old Masters. However, more than 8000 pieces on display also contain sculptures and many historical objects. We understand that you have been to countless museum trips, but this time you will get to learn what it takes to actually bring those masterpieces to life. This amazing venue will be the place for a workshop on sketching like the Old Masters. Then we ascend into  the scenic beauty of Amsterdam through a Canal tour. With Amsterdam’s famous canal’s as a backdrop and Windmills this will be an unforgettable trip – that European dream.
Explore the artsy hot spots in
De Pijp and eat dinner in the charming cafes. 

Day 3 – The Hague:
The morning is spent commuting from Amsterdam to the Hague and at the Gemeente museum for Art mediation – The Hague offers us the best of modern and contemporary art. The Gemeente Museum houses the largest Mondrian collection in the world and also offers Picasso and Rodin amongst many other contemporaries. Art-mediation at this venue will give you a new outlook on modern art and inspire your own creativity. In the afternoon there will be a portrait painting workshop at the Museum itself.
For dinner we will take a cruise on the 
Pannenkoekenbootor the pancake boat and get a taste of some of the best pancakes. 


Day 4:
Travel Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Berlin (Germany). For dinner we will be trying the famous Berlin Currywurst at Mitte.

Berlin, Germany
With its rich artistic history and free-spirited climate, the creative synergies of Berlin have turned it into a beacon for urban art and contemporary artists. The rich museum landscape, a wealth of galleries varying from offbeat to distinguished establishments and corners riddled with art in some shape or form, kettles it into the heady brew that is the Berlin art scene. Carmen, our local expert in Berlin, will be your companion during the program.

Day 5:
The first day in Berlin starts with a visit to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building. Later the group will attend a workshop at the Berlinische Galerie. This workshop will be in combination with their upcoming exhibition. The Berlinische Galerie is one of the newest museums in the German capital and collects art from Berlin dating from 1870 to the present day – with both a local and international focus.
In the evening we move to the 
Gendarmenmarkt, for shopping and enjoy a German dinner at Das Lokal.

Day 6:
In the morning we visit the Berlin Wall and the famous east-west border Checkpoint Charlie as well as the East Side Gallery and go to the flea market in Mauer Park, The afternoon is spent on gallery tour through Berlin’s Contemporary Art scene and informative Artist talks. With almost 450 galleries and some 3,000 exhibitions, Berlin has by far and away the number one art scene in Europe. The galleries in Berlin now present over 6,000 artists from all corners of the world, their works spread over a total exhibition space of more than 610,000 sq. ft. In addition, there are also some 200 non-commercial showrooms and off spaces that regularly display new exhibitions. Berlin’s Art scene is spread throughout the city. You will get a chance to immerse into the aura of these art pieces and more importantly understand the thought process behind these murals.
In the evening we take a relaxing 
Boat tour on Spree River and grab dinner afterwards. 

Day 7:
Street art tour + Workshop – In Berlin street art connects the whole city like a subway web. This workshop will be on the street art, that will start with a tour of the illustrated cityscape and give lessons on the craft of making graffiti stencils so you can create your own wall murals. This is your chance to become a part of Berlin – “The graffiti Mecca of the urban art world.” We then proceed to a visit to the interactive DDR Museum.
In the evening explore the vibrancy of the 
Kreuzberg and Neukoelln districts while we dine at the Little Orient. 

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The program cost covers all on location costs from the meeting point on the morning of 9th April 2017 at Amsterdam to the farewell dinner on the 15th April 2017 in Berlin including:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights on shared basis (option of individual rooms available on extra cost)  
  • Daily meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all 7 days
  • Cost of workshops
  • Cost of local transportation
  • Cost of Intercity transportation. From Amsterdam > The Hague > Amsterdam > Berlin
  • Cost of all visits / talks / performance as mentioned in the program

The following are not included in the program fee but can be arranged on extra charge:

  • Flight: You are free to book your own flight as per your preference of travel dates or take a quote from us.
  • Visa: We will provide you with a letter confirming your participation in the program which you will need for your visa application. You can apply for your visa on your own or seek our assistance for the same.

  • Culture Fox is a trademark brand under M/s Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited
  • All payments are to be done in favour of:
    • Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited
    • Bank Account number: 409000288247
    • IFSC Code: RATN0000141
  • An advance of 50% would be required towards confirmation of the trip and the balance to be cleared 15 days before departure.
  • The cancellation policies are as mentioned below
    • 100% Refund if cancelled within 90 days of tour commencement date
    • 50% Refund if cancelled within 50 days of tour commencement date
    • No refunds provided if cancelled within 30 days of tour commencement date.
  • The itinerary is subject to minor changes. Final itinerary shall be provided prior to the departure.
  • If you have participated in the contest for a free pass, pls note that the decision of the management of Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited will be final and no queries shall be entertained in this regard.
  • Flight bookings and visa processing needs to be taken care of by yourself directly. We would extend our complete support in terms of following the right processes or can also assist you on the same at extra cost.
  • The program fee does not include any personal expenses or any other costs which are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • The stay will be primarily in shared multi-bed rooms. Twin or single occupancy, with en-suite bathroom, can be arranged upon extra cost.
  • We will attempt to make all necessary arrangement for food requirements; vegetarian or any other. Do let us know of your specific food needs, if any.
  • The tour leader will lay down certain rules primarily keeping in mind the group safety & wellbeing. The tour leader’s word is final in all dispute situations.
  • Respect the culture and sentiments of locals.
  • The currency used is Euro. Credit cards are accepted at almost all locations around the country.
  • Any diversions or optional activities, which are not listed, would need to be paid for additionally.
  • All photographs would be published via our social network group pages and we do not charge additional for any pictures, unless some special requirements.

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