Pack art on your travels

Art-packers is a community of explorers who share a sense of adventure and the love of art. Artistic settings can turn a boring trip into creative expeditions and has the power to create cognitive flexibility that enables mind’s ability to jump between ideas. Explore Europe with Culture Fox for one of a kind experiential and participatory journeys.

Experiential Travel Across Europe

To travel is to revitalise your senses and that only happens when you have these three key elements for a broader perspective - multicultural engagement, adaptation and curiosity to explore. Our creative excursions will introduce you to the thriving landscape of arts and culture through experiential trips and workshops in different locations of Europe.

Explore Art & Travel With Culture Fox

As the epicentre of multiple artistic outlets, Europe has always been home to many artists who channel their creative flow in its fresh cultural scene. Explore and experience new art forms in indigenous settings across Europe under the guidance of professional artists to broaden your social and cross-cultural skills. Our alliances in Europe with internationally acclaimed artists and institutes enable us to design unique experiences as per your choice of art genre and destination.

Are These Programmes For Me?

If you think travelling is more than just sightseeing that opens new roads to creativity, then yes, these artful programmes are for you. We filter your interests and needs prior to the execution of each trip depending upon your interests in art forms and destinations. Along with the interactive help of the team in India, our curators in Europe share their expertise in multiple art genres that help curate the best experiences in arts and culture across Europe for you.

Safety And Security

Travelling to a new place and exploring different cultures is often a big leap outside one’s comfort zone. To ensure a seamless experience, we have designed programmes with clear safety protocols. A Culture Fox leader will be accompanying you at all times during these guided tours across Europe. We measure and prepare all the necessary areas of concern with travellers prior to each trip using the best practices and methods.

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