The first Culture Fox art program was organized across Vienna and Salzburg (Austria) for music students from the American Embassy School, New Delhi.

The program centered around two workshops, one in each city. The first workshop was with the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the 500-year-old organization that is an enduring symbol of the rich musical heritage of Austria. The participants attended a basic training session with the choir master, rehearsed two performance pieces and performed one of them with the Vienna Boys Choir. It was preceded by a tour of the school and grounds, followed by lunch and interaction with the students from the choir.

The second workshop was with the Camerata Orchestra and Bach Choir Salzburg, where the string students had a solo practice session with the performers from the Camerata Orchestra and the choir students a coaching session with members of the Bach Choir. The extensive workshop ended with an informal performance of the choir and the orchestra together.

Apart from other local sightseeing and explorations, the group attended a tour of the famous Vienna Opera House, visited Mozart’s Birthplace in Salzburg and also attended a classical music concert at the Palffy Palace.

Testimonials from students

  • The orchestra (Salzburg Camerata) was mind-blowing and I got Goosebumps a few times while playing Kyrie. I love Salzburg and I don’t want to leave Austria!

  • Probably my best memories.


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