A four day long classical music program in Vienna (Austria) with students from the American Embassy School, New Delhi. Known as the world capital of music, Vienna has been a home to musicians like Mozart, Haydn and Schubert, and has attracted young musicians from all over the world for hundreds of years.

The Culture Fox program comprised of two extensive workshops with the esteemed Vienna Boys Choir and with the Vienna University Choir and OrchestraThe Vienna Boys Choir, is one of the oldest and most known boys’ choirs in the world. The participants attended a training session with the choir master, rehearsed with the members of the choir and also presented, what they learned in an informal performance together with the Vienna Boys Choir. It was preceded by a tour of the school and grounds, followed by lunch and interaction with the students from the choir.

The second workshop was conducted by Vijay Upadhyaya from the Vienna University, who directs the Orchestra and Choir at the University. The solo choir and strings rehearsal was followed by a joint rehearsal and an informal performance with members of the Vienna University Orchestra and Choir.

The evenings were peppered with various musical events like the Die Fledermaus Operetta at the Wiener Volksoper (The People’s Opera) and a church concert at Peterskirche L Bezirk. The program came to a close with a visit to the marvelous House of Music, the first interactive museum of sound and music in Austria.

Testimonials from students

  • Singing with the Vienna Boys Choir was like singing with a group of angels.

    Student Participant
  • The church performance was absolutely amazing.

    Student Participant


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