This classical music program was spread across Munich (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria). It was a four-day program with students from the American Embassy School, New Delhi. The program entailed workshops on yodeling, classical music and jazz singing. The students also visited the Music Collection at Munich City Museum, which houses an elaborate and extensive collection of musical instruments and sound sources from all over the world.

The first workshop was on yodeling and was organized by the Bayerischen Philharmonie in Munich. For the second workshop the participants split up into two groups – string and choir. The string group attended a coaching session with the conductor of the Munich Youth Orchestra, followed by a joint rehearsal with the same. The choir group attended a Jazz singing improvisation workshop, conducted by Andreas Kissenbeck from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

The program finished in Salzburg where we had with an Opera talk and Q&A with three opera singers from the Opera production “Carmen” by theSalzburger Landestheater. In the evening we saw the same Opera production at the Felsenreitschule, one of Salzburg’s most impressive venues.

Testimonials from students

  • I have never received so much attention. The effect was completely different and inspiring.

    Student Participant
  • I also realized the magnificence of being a part of the amazing sound we made: choir and strings with professional musicians

    Student Participant

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