Everyone loves a good community and that’s why we have carefully divided our art categories into three communities for you to choose. Schools is a community of students who see art as an education enabler that goes beyond a standard academic curriculum. Aesthetes is a community of advanced learners who wish to explore and learn more about their art form. Art-Packers is a community of explorers who travel for the love of art.


Explore Art Beyond Academic Curriculum

Modern day education goes beyond the learnings of a classroom and we are here to take students to the forefront of the art world in Europe. Learn Europe’s artistic chapters one creative lesson at a time.


Artists In The Making

A community of advanced learners who want to take their creativity to the next level, our programmes curated for aesthetes underline the opportunity to learn and understand art in different locations across Europe.


Pack Art On Your Travels

Art in Europe is like a box full of candies each filled with a different flavour waiting to be explored. If you think that travel is more than just sightseeing then discover the reign of the ever-evolving art world in Europe with us.

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