– Workshops with Scapino Ballet, P.A.R.T.S. and dancers from the free independent scene of Cologne.
– Watch captivating performances of NDT and Dutch National Ballet.
– For all Dance Enthusiasts and Amateur Dancers.
– Be a part of the new and unique “Artsy” take on travel.

This 9 days Culture Fox program takes dancers and dance enthusiasts to moonwalk the spectacular Contemporary Dance scene of Europe – through the charming cities of Cologne, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels. Home to almighty choreographers, these locations form a cultural hub of world renowned dance troupes and talent companies.

Let yourself discover your inner music, as you rhythm to your body lyrics. Explore and experience the intensity of Contemporary Dance performed at its highest level. The program is a unique combination of 4 cities, 3 countries, 5 workshops, 2 performances and other experiences.

Free of the boundaries a dance company may employ, a combination of free dance scene along with the guidance of two of the scene’s foremost ambassadors will give you a new perspective on contemporary dance so that you can truly express your own creativity.

This program is open to all dancers and dance enthusiasts. Your level of experience will be assessed before departure and the workshops will be tailored to your needs in order to give everyone the best learning experience.

Refer below for more details. For further queries, please fill the enquiry form below.

Michiel and Carmen, our local experts, will be your companion during the program in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; respectively. 

The entire itinerary is designed for maximum learning opportunities, along with sufficient time to experience the location at a comfortable pace across the best-known locations and dates.

Cologne, Germany:
Day 1
Morning: Official welcome and introduction
Afternoon: Visit the UNESCO world heritage Cologne Cathederal
Evening: Get to know each other over dinner

Day 2
Morning: Grab breakfast in the chic Belgian quarter
Afternoon: Dance workshop for all levels by Emily Welther and Julia Riera at the Barnes Crossing 
Evening: Dinner in the city

Day 3
Morning: Dance workshop split into groups according to experience
Afternoon: Check out and early dinner
Evening: Travel from Cologne to Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands:
Day 4
Morning: Workshop 1 at Scapino Ballet
Afternoon: Visit the famous windmills in Kinderdijk
Evening: Explore the Markthal, a stunning venue for food and leisure

Day 5
Morning: Workshop 2 at Scapino Ballet
Afternoon: Visit the Euromast
Evening: Watch the Performance by NDT at the Opera house of Rotterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Day 6
Morning: Travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam
Afternoon: Canal tour 
Evening: Dinner in the picturesque Jordaan district

Day 7
Morning: Explore the Nine streets and their quirky shops
Afternoon: Behind the scenes look at the Dutch National Ballet
Evening: Watch the performance of Dutch National Ballet at the Amsterdam Opera house

Brussels, Belgium:
Day 8
Morning: Travel – Early morning train from Amsterdam to Brussels
Afternoon: Workshop at P.A.R.T.S.
Evening: Explore the old city centre and enjoy a Belgian dinner

Day 9
Morning: Behold the Atomium, a modern marvel of construction
Afternoon: Free time and last minute shopping at Avenue Louise or an optional City Tour
Evening: Farewell dinner at the trendy Callens Cafe

Cologne, Germany:
Day 1
After an introduction, the group will get a chance to explore the Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is possible to climb to the top of the tower and as Cologne’s second-tallest structure, it is bound to give you a spectacular view. 

Workshop concept:

Day 2
We start our day at the chic 
Belgian quarter  for a traditional German breakfast. 
Workshop guided by Emily Welther and Julia Riera from the free dance scene.
(All participants together)

  • Warm up with stretching and exercises to sensitize your body awareness.
  • Ground sequences: The ground sequences are developed by gravity and the momentum. By adding these elements longer phrases are developed.
  • Improvisation: How do I move when the space is reduced, time is looped, I accept the architecture of the room, and/or adapt to it? How can I compose myself within the group? We will try out different improvisation structures and try out some of our own techniques.
  • Learning a short contemporary choreography: Julia and Emily will compile a short choreography from the movement phrases developed from the basic principles of contemporary dance. For this, the students will form small groups.
  • Warm down / reflection / feedback: In the end, we will physically calm down, talk about the day and the tasks, hear each other and of each other, what experiences were made during the day.

Day 3
Second day of the workshop guided by Emily Welther and Julia Riera from the free dance scene.
(The participants are split into groups based on their experience levels.)

On the second day, the students will have to work in smaller groups where they can choose a topic of the previous day – ground sequences, improvisation or choreography –  and develop this idea in smaller groups. Julia and Emily will help and support the students independently with the concepts.  In the end, we will review and discuss the results of all groups.

Following the workshop, there is the journey from Cologne to Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands:
The extensive two-day workshop with the world acclaimed 
Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam will allow you to develop your dance skills under the supervision of experienced professional dancers. The workshops are divided in the following parts.

Day 4
Scapino Repertoire No. 1
In this workshop you will learn a part of the choreography of one of Scapino’s most recent performances. There will also be a focus on the daily routines of a professional dancer including stretching, effective warm-ups, cooling downs and injury prevention. Your teacher will be a current or ex- professional Scapino dancer.

After the workshop you get a chance to explore the windmills at Kinderdijk. A group of 19 windmills constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The group then proceeds to the Markthal, a market hall with about 100 fresh food stalls, a supermarket as well as various restaurants.

Day 5
Scapino Repertoire No. 2
The base of this workshop is Scapino’s repertoire and choreography. You will take on the role of the choreographer and create some of your own repertoire. After rehearsing this in smaller groups a short performance will be created by you and your fellow students.

In the afternoon, we visit the Euromast which is an observation tower that also offers the adrenaline rush of abseiling (descending from the tower with a doubled rope coiled around your body). The evening will be spent at the Opera House of Rotterdam watching a performance by the acclaimed Nederlands Dans Theatre.

Day 6
The morning is taken up by the commute from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. After lunch, there is a
Canal tour followed by dinner in the Jordaan district


Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Day 7
In the morning we find ourselves in the Nine streets to explore the quirky shops. As the day progresses, we go behind the scenes at the 
Dutch National Ballet followed by a Performance by them to delve into the production and performance processes of one of the largest ballet companies in the world.

Over the past 50 years, Dutch National Ballet has evolved into one of the world’s foremost ballet companies. With a unique and wide repertoire, a tradition of innovation, and around 80 dancers from all over the world, the company plays a leading role in Dutch cultural life and beyond.


Brussels, Belgium:
Day 8
Once again, the commute from Amsterdam to Brussels will take place in the morning. In the afternoon, the one-day workshop at 
P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, Belgium, will allow you to experiment with some of P.A.R.T.S. Rosas repertoire ‘Drumming’.

Drumming is based on the music of the minimalist composer Steve Reich. The piece is a complex formal construction using a single basic phrase which is transformed in many ways. In the workshop, the teacher will teach excerpts of the phrase material and we will explore the principles which were used to construct it. The students will then make their own transformations of the phrase following the ideas used during the creation. In this way, we will work with retrograde, phase shifts, personal transformations and partnering all starting from the same basic phrase but resulting in new and varied transformations.
For dinner, you can enjoy a Belgian meal in the beauty of the Old City Center. 

Day 9
Behold the
Atomium, last minute shopping at Avenue Louise followed by the Farewell dinner at the trendy Callens Cafe
Allow yourself to be surprised and join us on this once in a life time experience.

Not from India?; please get in touch with us for the quote.

The program cost covers all on location costs from the meeting point on the morning of 11th June 2017 at Cologne to the farewell dinner on the 19th June 2017 in Brussels including:

  • Accommodation for 8 nights on shared basis (option of individual rooms available on extra cost)  
  • Daily meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all 9 days
  • Cost of workshops
  • Cost of local transportation
  • Cost of Intercity transportation. From Cologne > Rotterdam > Amsterdam > Brussels
  • Cost of all visits / talks / performance as mentioned in the program

The following are not included in the program fee but can be arranged on extra charge:

  • Flight: You are free to book your own flight as per your preference of travel dates or take a quote from us.
  • Visa: We will provide you with a letter confirming your participation in the program which you will need for your visa application. You can apply for your visa on your own or seek our assistance for the same.

Not from India?; please get in touch with us for the quote.

  • Culture Fox is a trademark brand under M/s Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited
  • All payments are to be done in favour of:
    • Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited
    • Bank Account number: 409000288247
    • IFSC Code: RATN0000141
  • An advance of 50% would be required towards confirmation of the trip and the balance to be cleared 15 days before departure.
  • The cancellation policies are as mentioned below
    • 100% Refund if cancelled within 90 days of tour commencement date
    • 50% Refund if cancelled within 50 days of tour commencement date
    • No refunds provided if cancelled within 30 days of tour commencement date.
  • The itinerary is subject to minor changes. Final itinerary shall be provided prior to the departure.
  • If you have participated in the contest for a free pass, pls note that the decision of the management of Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited will be final and no queries shall be entertained in this regard.
  • Flight bookings and visa processing needs to be taken care of by yourself directly. We would extend our complete support in terms of following the right processes or can also assist you on the same at extra cost.
  • The program fee does not include any personal expenses or any other costs which are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • The stay will be primarily in shared multi-bed rooms. Twin or single occupancy, with en-suite bathroom, can be arranged upon extra cost.
  • We will attempt to make all necessary arrangement for food requirements; vegetarian or any other. Do let us know of your specific food needs, if any.
  • The tour leader will lay down certain rules primarily keeping in mind the group safety & wellbeing. The tour leader’s word is final in all dispute situations.
  • Respect the culture and sentiments of locals.
  • The currency used is Euro. Credit cards are accepted at almost all locations around the country.
  • Any diversions or optional activities, which are not listed, would need to be paid for additionally.
  • All photographs would be published via our social network group pages and we do not charge additional for any pictures, unless some special requirements.


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