9th March - 17th March 2018

Munich is Germany's music mecca, and Austria is the brand ambassador of western classical music. It is the universality of music that appeals to the masses and resonates with people from distinguished backgrounds. If you are looking to enhance your understanding and knowledge of a genre that was created by the illustrious heroes of timeless classics, then this programme is for you.

Explore diverse elements of western classical music with professionals and expert musicians in Munich, Vienna and Salzburg.

This Bavarian metropolis has a lot more to offer besides the annual Oktoberfest. Munich owns two opulent opera houses and three internationally acclaimed symphony orchestras. From classical to experimental performances, night after night curtain rises on more than 50 venues across the city.

A teacher at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Maximilian Höcherl is in demand as both a jazz singer and a lyrical baritone. Using his Rampensau training format, he will give you an introduction to the world of jazz, blues and art of improvisation. Later the same day, you'll continue another workshop on improvisation at Gasteig, Munich's premier cultural centre.

Volksoper is the largest theatre in Vienna for operetta, opera, musicals and ballet offering the highest standards in musical entertainment. Attend Mozart's penultimate opera, The Magic Flute in the evening for an impressive experience of opera performance.

Vienna Boys' Choir is a 500-year-old choir of boy sopranos and altos that performs over 300 concerts annually before almost 500,000 people. Their touring groups are divided into 4 groups named after Austrian composers Bruckner, Haydn, Mozart and Schubert. Take participatory learning lessons in choir workshop with the director of the choir.

House of Music awaits your presence for a rehearsal visit, which is an interactive sound museum that analyses music on a playful as well as scientific level. Attend Dance of Vampires at Ronacher, Vienna's latest musical theatre that has finally done justice to Viennese music and theatre.

Since its inception in 1842, Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg has been keeping the Mozart phenomenon alive. It keeps the classical genius up-to-date by inculcating the essence into contemporary culture. Participate in intensive choir singing techniques with choirmaster Markus Obereder.

Klangforum Wein is an ensemble of 24 musicians from 10 countries aiming to restore a lost art form that seems to have been lost in modern times. A rehearsal visit at Konzerthaus is a great opportunity to understand its planning and execution.

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Be part of experiential musical visits, engaging workshops and interactive sessions with professional artists and musicians. Owing to its universality - music has multiple benefits such as improved coordination, emotional development, creative thinking, linguistics and more. This programme is an opportunity for you to pursue your passion and reach creative excellence.


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