21st May - 27th May 2017

Photography is a creative tool designed to capture real-time moments and what better way to learn this art-form than at experiential workshops in Amsterdam and Hamburg with professional photographers. This art based learning programme is designed to enhance your decision making as well as your visual and personal expression.

Dissecting the best of art and culture through the lens in two of the biggest art breweries in western Europe, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Chances are that you'll stumble upon more aesthetically pleasing sights in Amsterdam than anywhere else. Luckily, to find art in Amsterdam, you don't have to carry a guidebook because there is no dearth of top-class museums, heritage sites and street art.

The Photo Academy of Amsterdam has been at the forefront of photographic education for over 30 years. Under the guidance of professionals, explore various facets of photography such as DOF tables, motion blur, creative lens usage, lighting (high-key and low-key shots) and white-balance settings. Gain valuable insights on street photography by two celebrated photographers, Ariane James and Peter Dellenbag.

Another tailor-made intense session with FOTOGRAM to brush up your photography skills. This session is followed by a visit to FOAM, a photography museum that exhibits all facets of contemporary, historical, fine art and applied photography.

The Netherlands popularised graphics and visual arts way before it was mainstream. Credits to the masters of the Dutch golden age, we don't have to struggle to locate art here. Huis Marseille is known for its exemplary display of documentary photography.

Welcome to Hamburg. Besides being home to one of the biggest ports in Europe, it is one of Germany's wealthiest cities that promotes culture and independent thinking. 'Blue hour' workshop conducted by FOTOSAFARI is based on a brief period after the sun sets and sky starts turning blue. Internationally renowned photographer, Kasper Fuglsang shares his inputs on long-time exposure and lighting.

Owing to its mammoth spatial distribution, the Deichtorhallen makes the perfect backdrop for contemporary art and photography exhibitions. Witness and take immersive sessions on creative themes under the scrutiny of Jeffrey Turek.

Depart from Hamburg and travel back to Delhi.

Photography is when art meets technology in a poetic celebration of reality. This experiential journey across Amsterdam and Hamburg promises to take you into the world of self-expression and exceptional creativity. If you're looking to gain a wholesome perspective via visual storytelling one frame at a time, then this programme is for you.


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