24TH MAY - 31ST MAY 2019

This programme in Vienna and Milan is an introduction to multiple art genres such as architecture, fashion, visual arts,theatre, photography and music. Known as the home town to fashion, food, art and elegance,Milan is a vibrant and fast growing city in the north of Italy and an art stop in itself. Vienna on the other hand isa metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy and flair. Art and culture are inseperably linked to Vienna. The city possesses a lively and vast array of art and cultural attractions.

Participatory sessions and workshops across Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam that emphasis on genres such as theatre, classical music, visual arts and dance.

Milan –is a city that is modern, lively and rich in culture, beauty and artistic masterpieces. Admire the different architectural styles which vary from Renaissance, Gothic to Modernity. Explore Milan which is the hometown to the famous Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, but also home to modern galleries and independent artists.

Together with their experience in the field of design, architecture and history Federico and Juliana take the students on a journey to explore the evolution of Milanese architecture from antiquity to present. Visit some of the most iconic places in the city, which represent Milano architecture and attend a sketching workshop to translate your inspiration into architecture sketches.

Discover the 40years of the Giorgio Armani’s designer’s career, including 400 outfits and 200 accessories from his ready to wear collections from 1980 to the present. Get a tour of the Quadrilatero Della Moda – the main four streets where glamour and trend are at its best. Experience the true atmosphere of the fashion Capital, with the lights, colors and elegance of various ateliers.

Participate in The Inner Potrait (watercolor and collage) workshop and create your own inner potrait by drawing inspiration from your personal and unique ideas. Understand different watercolor techniques and apply the same in creating your own inner potrait.

Explore the perfect amalgamation of art, history and culture in Vienna.Take a sneak peak behind the scenes and discover how this ancient city cast a spell over theatre and opera fanatics from across the globe since the 19th century. Get a guided tour of a theatre to see and understand how they work. Attend the famous play Robin Hood, directed by Thoms Birkmeir at the end.

Visit The Filmarchiv Austria which exhibits 70 photographs by Win Wenders taken on long journeys around the world. Get to know the Polaroid techniques under professional guidance. Attend a smartphone photography workshop with FOTOSAFARI held by Rafael Hailder. The focus of the workshop will be on Street Photography and portraits to get great insider tips about the perfect composition of a picture and the motive.

Spread over 4 floors, a range of hi-tech interactive and multimedia presentations the aim of the museum is to provide knowledge and understanding as well as open mindedness and enthusiasm when dealing with music. Introduce yourself to the world of music from the earliest human use of instruments to the music of today. Experience an Organ concert in Baroque St. Peter’s Church.

Kunst Haus Wein is one of the most important sights of the city and it has become an integral part of the Viennese Culture scene. It houses the most comprehensive permanent exhibition of works by the Austrian artist and visionary. Get familiar with his viewpoints, explore the times that influenced him and approach his world and art in interactive way. Depart from Vienna

Be part of experiential rehearsal visits and participatory workshops along with interactive sessions with professionals and artists. The workshops are designed to foster personal expressions, community expression and the ability to process knowledge. You'll be walking away with a plethora of knowledge and experience.


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