21st May - 28th May 2018

This programme in Berlin and Amsterdam is an introduction to four diverse art genres theatre, visual arts, dance and music. Berlin is celebrated as one of Europe's biggest artists' colonies where visual and performing arts thrive. Amsterdam, on the other hand, is known for its vibrant aesthetic and music that attracts thousands of artists and art-explorers every year.

Germany's urban capital, Berlin is a thriving multicultural metropolis that has become home to many local and international artists. Performing and visual arts here has opened doors to new interpretations, ideas and traditions.

GRIPS was the first theatre worldwide to deal socio-critically with the lives and living conditions of children and young people in their unique musical and humorous style. This day is dedicated to interactive talks about various mediums of a play, especially languages followed by a performance in the afternoon, "Pünktchen trifft Anton".

Berlin's overarching aesthetic is the premier reason why it's called the city of artists. The Berlinische Galerie is one of the newest museums in Berlin and owns a collection of art dating from 1870 to present - with both local and international highlights. Get a participatory workshop on Eduardo Paolozzi's Cubist and Surrealist works.

Travel to Amsterdam from Berlin. Introduce yourself to the city of Dutch masters who still dominate over 90 percent of art galleries in the Netherlands. Dutch dance and music are going to be your tools of exploration throughout.

The Netherlands is home to some of the best dance companies in the world that have injected people with passion enough to accept innovative techniques. Scapino Ballet is one of the oldest in the Netherlands internationally celebrated for its thematic production and live music.

Globe centre for Arts & Culture is an educational institution wherein all forms of art are taught and supported by professionals from the field. Two of the most important Dutch orchestras are stationed here for their rehearsals, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Metropole Orchestra. Get introductory lessons from Nanette Bakker, an esteemed clarinettist at the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra on classic composition and recording.

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its avant-garde and experimental architecture. It represents a structured modern pattern that resonates across the three major cities Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague.

A week-long art connection programme in Berlin and Amsterdam comes to end. Share your experiences with the world and keep living your art!

This art programme was carefully curated keeping in mind the art-enthusiast in you. Art connection is an introduction to four diverse art forms that we offer in theatre, dance, music and visual arts. Be part of experiential rehearsal visits and participatory workshops along with interactive sessions with professionals and artists. You'll be walking away with a plethora of knowledge and experience.


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