The Shri Ram School in Berlin and Amsterdam

14th October - 21st October 2018

Berlin's unique histoy is the reason why it's called the city of artists. Amsterdam, on the other hand, is celebrated for its experimental and liberal nature. The workshops are designed to foster personal expressions, community expression and the ability to process knowledge. Explore the process of making art, rather than the art itself with renowned artists.

During this 7-day programme in Berlin and Amsterdam, you'll explore modern architectural accomplishments along with an unconventionally cool culture engineered for and by art enthusiasts.

Berlin is considered one of the coolest places to explore multi-culturalism in Germany. Its rich and vibrant cultural setting will introduce you to a different level of artistic immersion.

Little is a person-centric space for creativity founded by Harriet Poole in Berlin. This creative lab nurtures new experiences for kids and adults using mindful sensory processes and graphic art materials. Explore Gelli plate printing and stop paper frame animation.

Founded by Tomás Correa, Pentaprisma offers hands-on photography workshops in different locations. This photography workshop is divided into two parts that include an introduction to photography with lessons on the fundamentals of visual language followed by on-field exploration using cameras or phones. Understand photography as its own language and Berlin’s history to understand its present via your lens.

Amsterdam is the city of canals, a biker’s glory town and every art enthusiast’s picture-perfect cultural getaway. Amsterdam’s artistic heritage is even dramatically evident today in various neighbourhoods and market squares.

Inaugurated in 1913, the Peace Palace in The Hague houses both the International Court of Justice and the International Court of Arbitration. The visitor centre shares information about its inception and future development. Later, visit the Escher in The Palace, a museum showcasing the works of the Dutch graphic M.C. Esher.

Museum Het Rembrandthuis (The Rembrandt House Museum) is a historic house and art museum in Amsterdam. This workshop will introduce students to Rembrandt iconic etching technique. Followed by this, students will participate in an immersion art mediation session at the Van Gogh Museum. Explore what set Van Gogh apart from other masters of the Dutch Golden Age.

The NDSM Wharf has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot with an artist community. Art City NDSM is a large cluster of studios where artists, artisans and other creative businesses work to promote their art. Be part of an exclusive street art workshop with professionals and create your own using aerosol cans.

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Visual narrative is one of the most powerful tools of expression. This experiential journey across Berlin and Amsterdam promises to take you into the world of self-expression and exceptional creativity. If you're looking to nourish motor skills, neural development, language development, teamwork skills via visual arts, then this art-based programme is for you.


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