22nd October - 27th October 2017

Berlin is architecturally designed for artists because no other city in Germany invested as extensively in creativity as Berlin. Explore visual and performing arts with professionals at some of the most popular art venues in Germany. These workshops are designed to foster personal expressions and the ability to process knowledge.

Berlin is known for its incomparable degree of freedom and open-mindedness and this is what makes this city of artists challenging yet liberating.

Upon arriving in Berlin, learn as you explore. This should be your guiding light during your stay in this city of arts and culture. Get a 360-degree view of the city from Berlin's iconic building, Reichstag dome.

The Visual arts group goes on an experiential tour of the Neues museum erected by star architect David Chipperfield and as one of Germany's most significant buildings, Neues houses over 9,000 unique items across 3 major historical collections. Get a guided tour through Kreuzberg with artist and curator, Silke Nowak. The theatre group participates in a P.U.R.E walk by Impro.Per.Arts and experiences Berlin's mammoth independent performing arts scene initiated by dramaturge, Christoph Wirth.

The visual arts group visits Weissensee Academy of Art to understand how art and society are mutually dependent. Street art gives you an illustrated tour of the city with participatory lessons using graffiti stencils. The theatre group continues to gain insights on performing arts with Impro.Per.Arts. Learn the fundamentals of improvisation with Die Gorillas.

Visit Hamburger Bahnhof for their latest narrative-focused contemporary art installation, Retelling of rooms. The visual art group attends a workshop with the Berlinische Galerie on artist Jeanne Mammen to decode her peculiar painting style. The theatre group gets a guided tour of Schaubühne theatre and watch Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.

Figure and life drawing is a session designed to introduce students to the concept of drawing with a model. Independent curator and art teacher, Carolina Pretell conduct this workshop for the visual arts group. The theatre group attends a 3-hour workshop with dancer and performer, Linda Scholz on contemporary dance. Attend Fleshless Beast at performing arts theatre, Sophiensaele.

Depart from Berlin and travel back to Delhi.

As you traverse the streets of Berlin, chances are you'll bump into culturally-minded people making a living out of their creative endeavours - This is Berlin in a nutshell. If you're looking to nourish motor skills, neural development, language development, teamwork, public speaking and problem-solving abilities via visual arts and theatre, then this art-based programme is for you.


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