A week full of artistic and discursive exchange in Amsterdam and Berlin is all about exploring and learning new art forms in visual and performing arts under the guidance of professional artists. These two cities are always in constant touch with multiple art forms and artists trying to showcase the best of what they've got. Explore visual and performing arts with professionals at some of the most popular art venues in Germany. These workshops are designed to foster personal expressions and the ability to process knowledge.

Participatory sessions and workshops across Berlin and Amsterdam, that emphasis on genres such as visual arts, fashion, photography and digital art.

Berlin is a thriving multicultural metropolis that has become home to many local and international artists. Often known as one of the biggest artists’ colonies in Europe, it injects people with insurmountable energy. Berlin is fast, spontaneous and promises to grow on you every minute of the day. Its´ recent history has left a visual and lasting imprint on this creative city.

Start your day with a tour of the illustrated cityscape and back streets and discover some of the latest, greatest and oldest examples of street art, graffiti & mural art in this famous capital of urban art. Participate in a street art workshop at Alternative Berlin workshop location, a former abandoned factory and get an opportunity to paint and receive instructions on various street art & graffiti techniques.

ABOUT: FASHION was founded by Silke Geib and Marc Karpstein and is a one stop shop for all the fashion interested - counseling, coaching & courses for fashion students, fashion professionals, fashion schools and companies.In this workshop you will not only get to know more about the fashion industry and its players, but also learn how a designer works and finds inspiration. Move on to the creative process and develop a collection with the guidance on how to put up and drape your own design on a body form.

Get an introduction to Retune (a Berlin-based platform for digital pioneers) & Digital Art. Participate in an Augmented Reality workshop where you will get to know about the tools, with which you can easily develop your own augmented reality applications with the help of your mobile phones.

Amsterdam is colloquially known as the Venice of the North because of its lovely canals that crisscross the city, its impressive architecture and more than 1,500 bridges. Amsterdam not only houses famous and important museums but also a young creative scene.

Start the workshop with a guided tour through Rembrandts and learn about Rembrandt’s expressive self-portrait etchings. Participate in a visual arts workshop to make your own print, using the etching technique.Huis Marseille chooses photography which focuses on a specific visual language and is characterized by a passionate spirit of inquiry, as part of an ongoing investigation into avant-garde innovation. Participate in a street photography workshop and understand the various special techniques and elements of street photography.

Foam - Amsterdam’s famous Photography Museum exhibits all facets of the photographic medium, in surprising ways and with the utmost attention to quality. Foam is not only a museum, but also an internationally operating organization with the goal to inform and inspire the widest possible audience.Participate in a REMAKE photography with a short tour in the museum.Take a really close look at photographs and analyze their key elements while work in small groups to “remake” the chosen images.

Find out more about Van Gogh’s life during the art mediation session, his paintings and techniques to understand his artworks in their entirety and get new insights into Van Gogh's artistic and personal development. Museum educator encourages students to draw parallels between Vincent’s life and his artistic development.

A week-long art connection programme in Berlin and Amsterdam comes to end. Share your experiences with the world and keep living your art!

Visual narrative is one of the most powerful tools of expression. This experiential journey across Berlin and Amsterdam promises to take you into the world of self-expression and exceptional creativity. If you're looking to nourish motor skills, neural development, language development, teamwork skills via visual arts, then this art-based programme is for you.


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