Performing arts in Delhi

''Practice in the arts of battlefield'' - that is the meaning of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form originated in Kerala. This one-day performing arts programme focuses on increased agility, strength and concentration through Kalaripayattu by professional martial arts teacher and dancer, Sumesh PB. Attend an immersive session of art mediation and a performance at a cultural institution (optional).

Kalaripayattu techniques, origin and the importance of physical and mental alertness - explore body movements one physical activity at a time.

Sumesh PB is a theatre artist and martial arts trainer who's been teaching in Delhi for over ten years. He uses advanced teaching methodology in Kalaripayattu to teach children, adults and professional dancers as per their needs. The workshop anchors physical and mental alertness by focusing on the breath. The correct breathing technique leads to a stronger awareness level and control over presence.

Art mediation and reflection

Mediation plays a central role in demystifying and democratising art by actively inviting different perspectives, cultures and educational backgrounds. You will learn to use these paradigms to make art accessible and enjoyable. Reflection time will be held post your workshop and mediation to share thoughts on new knowledge.

If you're looking for an experiential performing arts programme under the guidance of a professional, then this programme is for you. Learn how a mixed martial art form like Kalaripayattu incorporates its techniques in dance that is not only specific to bodily movements but also control over the present state of mind.

A self-reflective programme that will compel you to rethink creativity, ideation and cognitive flexibility. From momentary aesthetics to an antidote to anxiety, improve your performative skills.


What To Expect ?