Photography in Delhi

Visual storytelling rewires us to look at things differently. Significant as it is to our culture, it adds meaning to a range of skills that go beyond our textbook knowledge. The one-day programme encircles various techniques used in photography with photographer Gaurav Ganguly followed by an immersive session of art mediation.

Photographic techniques, origins and your ability to conceptualise - this workshop is all about visual storytelling outside of your comfort zone.

An architect, conservationist, heritage preserver, urban designer and maker, Ganguly uses his knowledge to capture and frame the most difficult shots with precision. Design-Led thinking coupled with nature helped him excel his unique style and build a narrative around the most mundane scenarios. The workshop's triptych format will introduce you to composition (beginning, middle, end), techniques and storytelling.

Art mediation and reflection

Mediation plays a central role in demystifying and democratising art by actively inviting different perspectives, cultures and educational backgrounds. You will learn to use these paradigms to make art accessible and enjoyable. Reflection time will be held post your workshop and mediation to share thoughts on new knowledge.

If you're looking for an experiential programme under the guidance of a professional, then this photography programme is designed for you. Photography is an experience captured and thus makes for a valuable fundamental skill in today's visual culture. Focus on the interplay of nature, architecture, light and space to get amazing results.

A self-reflective programme that will compel you to rethink creativity, ideation and cognitive flexibility. From photographic aesthetics to conceptualisation, improve your skills one snapshot at a time.


What To Expect ?