Visual arts in Delhi

Designers are problem-solvers with a universal tongue that consumes knowledge to create products with ingenuity. This one-day programme is an introduction to a range of elements in textile artistry followed by an immersive session of art mediation. Explore the resourcefulness, sustainability and utility of the textile industry.

Mini installations, collages, sketches, decorations - learn how textile is used as a creative medium in the outdoors under the guidance of a professional.

Artist Maneet Kaur completed her PhD on the 'Evolution of Motif and Colour of Ikat in Gujarat, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh' from the Design Department, Kala Bhavan, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. Her work is all about elaborate designs and new motifs in various textile mediums such as Bondo, Batik, Phulkari and more. Create land art using waste objects and plants. The workshop will lay the foundation for components of mediation such as scavenging, resourcefulness, sustainability, impermanence and utility vs art.

Art mediation and reflection

Mediation plays a central role in demystifying and democratising art by actively inviting different perspectives, cultures and educational backgrounds. You will learn to use these paradigms to make art accessible and enjoyable. Reflection time will be held post your workshop and mediation to share thoughts on new knowledge.

If you're looking for an experiential textile designing programme under the guidance of a professional, then this programme is for you. Understand the role textiles play in forming designs outdoors. Focus on the interplay of motifs, themes, contrasts and patterns to get the best results.

A self-reflective programme that will compel you to rethink creativity, ideation and cognitive flexibility. From aesthetics to conceptualisation, improve your skills one creative design at a time.


What To Expect ?