Taking education beyond academic curriculum

With change in the education system and methodologies , premier educational institutes are seeing arts as a medium through which imagination and innovation find voice and expression. We offer participatory and inclusive learning experiences across all genres of visual and performing arts. Create, connect and learn with an experiential twist.


Arts work as a creative amplifier to your overall performance. To engage in art means to enhance not only social and cognitive skills but also your emotional and intellectual quotient.. With the primary focus on creative expression and the learning process, our programmes helps students develop confidence and self-esteem, and build effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Certified programmes with acclaimed artists

Be a part of inclusive and participatory art based workshops and sessions. Discover, participate and learn new art forms in indigenous settings under the guidance of artists to broaden your social and cross-cultural skills. These workshops grant certificates of appreciation on completion that helps strengthen your profile for university applications and other career prospects.

Are These Programmes For Me?

Art is a way to connect with creativity, it is an expression of the self, art is for everyone. We recognise and filter the need and skills of every student prior to the curation of each trip depending upon their specific genre interests. Our interactive team of curators share their expertise in multiple art genres that help design the best experiences in arts and culture for you.

Safety And Security

Travelling to a new place and exploring different cultures is often a big leap outside one’s comfort zone. To ensure a seamless experience, we have designed programmes with clear safety protocols. A Culture Fox leader will be accompanying you at all times during these guided tours. We measure and prepare all the necessary areas of concern with students, parents, teachers prior to each programme using the best practices and methods.

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