Artists in the making

Aesthetes is a community of advanced learners who want to take their creativity to the next level by investing in skill development and international exposure. Our programmes for aesthetes aim toward bringing these learners one giant step closer to their art form with globally acclaimed artists and institutes set in the harmonious landscape of arts and culture.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, an artist never stops learning just like a creator never stops creating. Art is a process that transforms into a lifestyle, always making the best use of your talent and hard work. Take your advanced learning to the fertile grounds of artistic diversity. Learn more about your specific art form and discover how it works on a professional scale with globally renowned artists.

Learn & Live Your Art With Culture Fox

Our community of aesthetes consists of advanced learners who want to deep dive into their respective art forms. Discover and learn new art forms in indigenous settings under the guidance of professional artists to broaden creativity and cross-cultural skills. Our alliances with internationally acclaimed artists and institutes enable us to design unique experiences as per your choice of art genre and destination.

Are These Programmes For Me?

If you wish to learn more about your art form and strive to perfect it with more knowledge and exposure, then yes, these programmes are for you. We filter your interests and needs prior to the execution of each programme depending on your skill level and workshop intensity. Our interactive team of curators share their expertise in multiple art genres that help design the best experiences in arts and culture for you.

Safety And Security

Travelling to a new place and exploring different cultures is often a big leap outside one’s comfort zone. To ensure a seamless experience, we have designed programmes with clear safety protocols. If you’re a minor then the school safety protocols are applied. A Culture Fox leader will be accompanying you at all times during these guided tours. We measure and prepare all the necessary areas of concern with students and travellers prior to each trip using the best practices and methods.

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