Everyone loves a good community and that’s why we have carefully divided our art categories into three communities for you to choose. Schools is a community of students who see art as an education enabler that goes beyond a standard academic curriculum. Aesthetes is a community of advanced learners who wish to explore and learn more about their art form. Art-Packers is a community of creative explorers who are looking for artful getaways.


Explore Art Beyond Academic Curriculum

Leading students to the forefront of the international arts and culture landscape, we take the standard culture exchange programmes to the next level by turning it into participatory and inclusive learning experiences across all genres of visual and performing arts. Learn, participate and explore artistic movements with an experiential twist that make a perfect conduit to different cultures.


Artists In The Making

Aesthetes is a community of advanced learners who want to take their creativity to the next level by investing in skill development and international exposure. Our programmes for aesthetes aim toward bringing these learners one giant step closer to their art form with globally acclaimed artists and institutes set in the harmonious landscape of arts and culture.


Art getaways for creative explorers

Art-packers is a community of individuals who are looking for an art-infused getaway in or outside their cities. Artistic settings can turn a boring trip into creative expeditions and has the power to create cognitive flexibility that enables mind’s ability to jump between ideas. Explore the world with Culture Fox for one of a kind participatory experience.

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