Comfort and identity are the two poles that hold this hammock called fashion together. Outside of your sartorial Narnia, there is a world full of designer and brand treats waiting to be devoured. Despite taking inspiration from its neighbouring countries, Milan has become one of the fashion capitals of the world due to its individualistic approach that focuses on simplicity and the quality of the fabric.

This 7-day programme is an introduction to the rich Milanese urban culture where fashion is not only a trend but also a mark of belonging.

In the upcoming days, you will explore the history of Milanese fashion and tour the prestigious ateliers to understand the art and business of fashion with professionals.

Fashion is a process more than anything else. Its cyclical nature is the reason why history on the catwalks repeats itself. Explore the foundation of it all, the creative process from sketches to finished products. Visit the laboratories of La Scala in the afternoon to sneak a peek at some of the oldest costumes donned at iconic performances.

Visit one of the biggest fashion districts in the world, “Quadrilatero della moda”, here in Milan. Immerse yourself in a signature Italian fashion and understand unique styles of different designers. Scheduled for the afternoon is another visit to the chic Corso Como where you learn all about Made in Italy under the guidance of local artisans. Attend a session with the students at one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Milan.

Day 4 is for participating and putting your theory into practice with professional designers. Select a material, jot down the challenges and personalise it with the help of professionals and established fashion designers.

The fashion industry is a highly competitive market to explore. It requires hard work, intuition and luck. Milan is one of the big four in the world for high-end fashion next to New York, Paris and London. Learn the Milanese fashion market with professionals that'll educate you about the aesthetic strategies of brand marketing.

When in Rome do what the Romans do. When in Milan, shop and splurge, unapologetically.

Depart from Milan and share your Culture Fox memories with the world.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests but the dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

This 7-day fashion programme is an attempt to learn and unlearn the history, current trends, process and aesthetics of Milanese fashion. Engage in creative activities and workshops with professionals who'll take you behind the scenes of Made in Italy.

Subscribe to various facets of fashion with professionals. From Milanese history and influential ateliers of current trends to styling and lessons on how to run a fashion business, get expert guidance from our alliances.


What To Expect ?