Performing arts is a tool widely used to educate people about the current state of our society. Self-expression is the brick of every performance cemented with creativity. Berlin's theatre setting is experimental and tends to bridge a dialogue between the performers and the audience. Amsterdam's performing arts landscape is also one of the broadest in western Europe, so much so that you'll never run out of shows to bookmark.

Explore, discover and learn different aspects of theatre in two of the most culturally liberated cities of western Europe, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Berlin's culture has been carefully embedded in its performing arts setting. It is as challenging as it is liberating. Learn as you explore Berlin's vast artistic landscape.

With over 6000 artists in dance and performing arts, working in 500 independent ensembles and performing at 25 independent venues across the city; Berlin's iconoclast artistic setting is well-known and must be paid attention to by every art-enthusiast.

Get valuable insights on improvisation at some of the best performing arts theatres from noted artists and improv professionals.

Whether it's Shakespeare's Hamlet or Roderick George's Fleshless beast, theatres in Berlin will always stage something iconic to fill in those luminous nights amidst its stunning architecture and hip streets.

There's never a dull day in Amsterdam's cultural calendar. The glorious Dutch golden era dates back to the 16th century when legends like Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt and more took over. Theatre in Amsterdam is a mirror to its cultural and artistic heritage that is liberal in every sense of the word.

Dutch theatre is super varied. If you're a sucker for intelligent and contemporary plays then Amsterdam is your ideal destination in western Europe. You'd be exploring visual eclecticism, experimental plays, youth-related drama and current social affairs.

When it comes to representing cultural liberty via performing arts, Amsterdam is not a weak player. From classic performances showcasing post-war scenarios to the mainstream theatre of the 1990s, dive into the world of excellent performance and storytelling.

Depart from Amsterdam and share your Culture Fox memories with the world.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests. The dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

No other art form teaches you more beautifully about teamwork than theatre. Its collective nature further breaks open different facets of personal growth such as self-confidence, social and aesthetic appreciation. This programme has been designed to increase your understanding of theatre. Our curators are associated with globally acclaimed artists and institutions in Europe that enable us to take you to multiple artistic settings otherwise inaccessible to people.

If visual storytelling and multiple aspects of theatre fascinate you, then this participatory journey across Berlin and Amsterdam is for you. Immerse yourself in workshops, intensive sessions, talks and art mediation by professionals and artists. You'll gain a plethora of knowledge, experience and memories from Europe that customary travel agents fail to provide.

General Terms and Conditions:
1. Please click on the “I’m Interested” tab to leave your details and we will get in touch with you with regard to the details of the cost of the programme.
2. Culture Fox is a trademark brand under M/s Terra (In)cognita Services Private Limited.
3. The itinerary is indicative and subject to changes based on the final number of participants. While the unique combination of Culture Fox that includes workshops, visits, interactions will remain, the partners listed may change. Final itinerary shall be provided prior to the departure.
4. We will attempt to make all necessary arrangement for food requirements; vegetarian or any other. Do let us know of your specific food needs, if any.
5. Any diversions or optional activities, which are not listed, would need to be paid for additionally.
6. All photographs would be published via our social network group pages and we do not charge additional for any pictures, unless some special requirements.
7. Force Majeure Event- Culture Fox shall not be responsible for failure or delay in performing its duties if such failure or delay is due to labour disputes and strikes, fire, riot, war, acts of God, or any other causes which prevents or require a complete or substantial stoppage of Services.

Scope of Culture Fox services:
1. The programme is all-inclusive on location. We will take care of all your needs from arrival at the airport of the first city to departure from the airport of the last city:
       a. Centrally located accommodation
       b. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
       c. Cost of workshops
       d. Cost of local and intercity transportation
       e. Cost of all visits / talks
2. Please note that Visa and flight is not the part of Culture Fox services but can be arranged as per requirement on a cost reimbursement basis.


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