1st June - 8th June 2017

Art connection is an introduction to four diverse art forms - theatre, dance, music and visual arts. Berlin is celebrated as one of Europe's biggest artists' colonies where visual and performing arts thrive. Amsterdam, on the other hand, is known for its vibrant aesthetic s that attracts thousands of artists and art-explorers every year. This programme has been designed to explore the process of making art, rather than the art itself with esteemed artists.

Participatory sessions and workshops across Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam that emphasis on genres such as theatre, classical music, visual arts and dance.

Fly from Delhi to Frankfurt followed by another flight to Berlin. Berlin is considered one of the coolest places to explore multi-culturalism in Germany. Its rich and vibrant cultural setting will introduce you to a different level of artistic immersion.

A day dedicated to the burgeoning independent performing art scene in collaboration with PAP (performing arts program) followed by a special tour by theatrescouting. They will provide you with valuable insights on the lively artistic and discursive scene in Berlin and Germany at large from antiquity to present.

Berlin is the breeding ground for the most powerful choir movement that put Germany on the map of classical music. Explore and learn about orchestras and ensembles at Konzerthaus, which is one of the best concert venues in the world. Be part of an interactive rehearsal session with German symphonic orchestra at the Berliner Philharmonie. Visit the Reichstag dome that symbolises the reunification of Germany.

After three days of incredibly riveting days in Berlin, the next leg of this educational programme is all about exploring the art and culture of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the city of canals, a biker’s glory town and every art enthusiast’s picture-perfect cultural getaway. Amsterdam’s artistic heritage is even dramatically evident today in various neighbourhoods and market squares. Explore two such squares, which are the most famous worldwide and popular among travellers, Spui and Nieuwmarkt.

Besides Amsterdam’s abundant modern architectural accomplishments and unconventionally cool culture, it is a paradise for art lovers. Mediamatic is a cultural institution dedicated to new developments in arts since 1983. Engage in a workshop about scent and smell with Odorama. Visit the Van Gogh museum for an enveloping session on his life and the art that he left behind.

Begin the day by visiting Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam and travel to Rotterdam via train. The Netherlands is home to some of the best dance companies in the world. In Rotterdam, you’ll experience and participate in dance lessons and insights on contemporary dance at Scapino Ballet.

Departure from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and travel back to Delhi.

Be part of experiential rehearsal visits and participatory workshops along with interactive sessions with professionals and artists. The workshops are designed to foster personal expressions, community expression and the ability to process knowledge.


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