12th JUNE - 19th JUNE 2017

A week full of artistic and discursive exchange in Amsterdam and Berlin is all about exploring and learning new art forms in visual and performing arts under the guidance of professional artists. These two cities are always in constant touch with multiple art forms and artists trying to showcase the best of what they've got. From art mediation at the Van Gogh museum and live sketching experience at the Rijksmuseum to an exploratory tour at the Peace Palace in The Hague and Berlin's extensive theatre experience at De Krakeling, workshops with PAP, TheatreScoutings and GRIPS, this is what an experiential week at the two artistic touchdowns look down.

Explore and understand the best of theatre and visual arts in Amsterdam, The Hague and Berlin designed for introductory level students who wish to explore the artistic side of Europe.

On your first day after orientation and a welcoming team lunch, explore the city of Amsterdam to acclimatize yourself to its artistic heritage. The Visual arts group spends the day at the Van Gogh museum for an immersive session of Art Mediation and the theatre group visits its main theatre house, Stadsschouwburg for an extraordinary historical and cultural experience.

The Peace Palace at The Hague houses both the International Court of Justice and the International Court of Arbitration. The visitor centre shares information about its inception and future development.

As an art lover, a better way to indulge and capture memories while travelling is trying your hand at the art of sketching. Sketch your way through Rijksmuseum and discover useful drawing techniques under the guidance of professional artists. The theatre group visits Amsterdam's 40-year-old vibrant theatre, De Krakeling for an intensive theatre workshop where you are encouraged to think creatively combined with lessons on improvisation.

Welcome to Berlin. In Berlin, street art connects the whole city like a subway web. Get a tour of the illustrated cityscape and participative lessons using graffiti stencils to make your own murals with Alternative Berlin. The theatre group explores the most celebrated festival by an independent performing arts community and watch a play at another integrative theatre in the German-speaking world, Theatre Thikwa.

For the theatre group, an extensive workshop with GRIPS theatre through the house at Hansaplatz where you get an interactive session with actors and people from different backgrounds in theatre production. Watch the play Clubbing that underlines topics such as body and self-acceptance. The visual arts group goes on an experiential trip to one of the newest museums in Kreuzberg that collects art dating back to the 1870s, the Berlinische Galerie.

Hamburger Bahnhof is a national gallery that exhibits modern and contemporary art from antiquity to present. Their latest exhibition focused on narrative structures with an elaborate history of installation art. The Visual arts group visits the Digital Art Museum that focuses chiefly on digital art in art production and culture.

A visit to one of the many architectural marvels of Germany, Reichstag dome followed by the Visual arts group tour to the artsy district of Prenzlauer Berg for a workshop with Eberhard Hartwig on graphic reproduction and dry-point printing. The theatre group shares a meditative experience with the P.U.R.E WALK that supports performative awareness.

Back to Delhi after a week of experiential learning.

Visual art is to Amsterdam what theatre is to Berlin. Using these two art forms, we strive to turn this dual programme into an experiential journey across the Netherlands and Germany. We take you through immersive participatory sessions at renowned art houses and museums such as Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, De Krakeling in the Netherlands to exploring street art and theatre in Germany. We aim to bring interested art enthusiasts like yourself to be part of these journeys for a better understanding of performing and visual arts.


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