Designers are more objective than other breeds of artists. Their language is personal but the thought shaping it is way more universal. Architecture, on the other hand, is cultivating a personal space using evocative designs and intricate patterns. From antiquity to present Milanese design and architecture have flourished beautifully and its futuristic approach to art is now giving serious aesthetic goals to the world.

This 7-day programme in Milan has been curated to help you decode the intricacies and aesthetics of architecture and design.

More than just artists, Milan is a culturally rich home for creative people. Experience an interplay of historical, political, personal and aesthetic elements.

Milan has been designed by cultural heroes who rebuilt a city from scratch post-war and gave its physical space a new dialogue that goes beyond aesthetic appreciation. Translate your love for architecture and design onto paper during a sketching tour. Explore some of the most iconic spaces in Milan such as Cathedral, Teatro Alla Scala, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and more. In the afternoon, visit the largest technical University in Italy, Politecnico di Milano.

Want to see how Italian art and design achieved its mojo? Visit La Triennale di Milano, an art and design museum established in 1923 that became the first museum headquarter for Italian designers. It exhibits art and architecture par excellence and also underlines experimental theatre to stage how Italian design got its origin and what its evolution means today. In the afternoon, gain valuable insights into light designs from noted Milanese designers.

Interact with a Milan-based architect to understand and decode local projects of the city such as timelines, creative efforts and precision. Be part of a materials workshop in the afternoon that'll explain sustainability and other elements of architectonic projects.

Spacing and lighting are two crucial facets of design. Any design would lose its significance if light and space weren't accurate, thus causing debacle.

After five days of immersive sessions on architecture and design under the wing of professionals, it's finally time for a field trip to explore and implement ideas in the lively city of Milan.

Share your experiences with the world and keep learning.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests. The dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

Even a touristy day in Milan would be art-filled. This 7-Day art programme in Milan is an attempt to learn and unlearn different elements of architecture and design that are more than just visually appealing. Immerse yourself in Milanese history and culture to unearth workshops with professionals.

It's time to put your art goggles on and get artsier than ever in Milan. Get introductory lessons on sketching, light designs, Milanese architecture, lighting and colour coordination, and visit famous art galleries and museums representing art from different eras.


What To Expect ?