Visual arts are directly proportionate to the concept of visual storytelling that humans have been doing since the pre-historic era. The ability to capture our thoughts and what we see using different mediums puts the theory of visual arts in a nutshell. Berlin is known for boosting a high concentration of visual arts so much so that it has world's largest street art museum. Amsterdam's art on display is mostly dominated by the Dutch golden age that also helped shape its unconventionally cool visual arts of today.

A week in Berlin and Amsterdam with professional artists and art enthusiasts is filled with creative speculation of these two cities from the eyes of a traveller.

From raging independent art scenes to flourishing artists' residencies, Berlin's attracts abundant artists annually who not only find their residencies here but also an inspiration to create.

In Berlin, street art connects the whole city like a subway web. Get a tour of the illustrated cityscape and participative lessons using graffiti stencils to make your own murals.

Whether it's a visit to Berlin's best architectural marvels or to one of its many museums, you'll be experiencing Berlin more as a local under the wings of talented professionals than as a traveller.

Almost every art-infused corner in Amsterdam is largely dominated by the Dutch golden era of the 16th century, which means while art in Amsterdam is a window to the past but somehow it still manages to live up to its insouciant contemporary and modern demeanour.

Be an active participant in art mediation at various museums in Amsterdam such as the Van Gogh museum. From valuable insights on artists to meditative sessions with the workshop curators, this is an experience you don't want to miss.

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its avant-garde and experimental architecture. It represents a structured modern pattern that resonates across the three major cities Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague.

The Netherlands houses some of the finest performing and visual arts experiences in western Europe. This exploratory journey ranges from art meditation at the Van Gogh museum and live sketching experience at the Rijksmuseum to an exploratory tour at the Peace Palace in The Hague.

Depart from Amsterdam and share your Culture Fox memories with the world.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests. The dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

If you want to explore art as a traveller, then this programme is for you. Your love affair with Berlin and Amsterdam has been designed from a rather visual perspective that gives you an opportunity to learn as you explore. Our curators are associated with globally acclaimed artists and institutions in Europe that enable us to take you to multiple artistic settings otherwise inaccessible to people.

Immerse yourself into the aesthetically brilliant cityscapes of Berlin and Amsterdam. By working and touring with professionals and artists, you'll be exposed to a kaleidoscope of skills such as social, cognitive, cross-cultural development and adaptability. Give a new purpose to your travels and explore art.

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