Italy is to art enthusiasts what Coachella is to footloose millennials. It is where people come to experience time travel in Rome and instantly press a fast-forward button on their itinerary to the futuristic city of Milan. Milan is not only the unapologetic fashion capital of the world but is it also a hotbed for innovative designers and architects. It is luxury and art packed in over 1,891 square kilometres.

This three-day programme in Milan has been meticulously curated to help you decode the intricacies and aesthetics of architecture, design and visual arts.

Milan has been designed by cultural heroes who rebuilt a city from scratch post-war and gave its physical space a new dialogue that goes beyond aesthetic appreciation. Translate your love for architecture and design onto paper during a sketching tour. Explore some of the most iconic spaces in Milan such as Cathedral, Teatro Alla Scala, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and more. In the afternoon, visit the largest technical University in Italy, Politecnico di Milano.

Want to see how Italian art and design achieved its mojo? Visit La Triennale di Milano, an art and design museum established in 1923 that became the first museum headquarter for Italian designers. It exhibits art and architecture par excellence and also underlines experimental theatre to stage how Italian design got its origin and what its evolution means today. In the afternoon, gain valuable insights into light designs from noted Milanese designers.

Did you know Milan's Duomo consists most number of statues in the world and the fact that you can buy one of them too? Yes, sculptures and frescoes are the essences of Italian art. Get sculpture workshops from professionals and visit Pirelli HangarBicocca, an art museum known for permanent installations and temporary shows that attract millions of people from across the globe. Milan's visual arts setting remains inimitable to this day and only gains momentum each year with new and upcoming artists structuring innovative designs.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests. The dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

Even a touristy day in Milan would be art-filled. This 3-Day art programme in Milan is an attempt to learn and unlearn different elements of architecture, design and visual arts that are more than just visually appealing. Immerse yourself in Milanese history and culture to unearth workshops with professionals.

It's time to put your art goggles on and get artsier than ever in Milan. Get introductory lessons on sculpting, light designs, Milanese architecture, and visit famous art galleries and museums representing art from different eras.


What To Expect ?