Art connection is an amalgamation of four diverse art genres you’ll be exploring in Vienna and Milan. Introduce yourself to the world of visual arts and dance in Milan, and music and theatre in Vienna. Milan is a jukebox of art and culture. Milan takes you back and forth into multiple art movements that are just as important to Italians as is pizza. Vienna, on the other hand, is the city of music where composers like Beethoven and Strauss once wrote timeless symphonies. Its imperial façade makes Vienna one aesthetically pleasing ancient city ideal for art enthusiasts.

An artistic week in Vienna and Milan will change your view of these cities widely known as tourist destinations, forever. Explore diverse art genres and participate to broaden your creative potential.

Fly to Vienna and be prepared to experience Vienna. A city that gave birth to many artistic and cultural revolutions with philosophies embedded in its cobblestones.

Vienna is a city known for its dynamic art culture set amidst the streets where Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss composed iconic music that persists to inspire young talents everywhere. Take participative sessions in western classical music and learn about its history and techniques.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Vienna’s best theatres and discover how this ancient city cast a spell over opera and ballet fanatics from across the globe since the 19th century.

After experiencing art connection in Vienna, travel to Milan.

Italy’s Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci once said that ‘’art is never finished, only abandoned.’’ This statement is going to be your guiding light during your exploratory stay in Milan where visual arts and dance are two art forms you won’t be missing.

Milan is home to abundant art galleries, museums and ancient sights that thrive on centuries-old anecdotes and are still well-preserved by the art authorities. From Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper to Michelangelo’s exquisite marble sculptures, Milan is more than just a city for tourists with cameras, it is an art stop in itself. Participate in visual arts activities under the guidance of professional artists and instructors.

Contemporary dance in Milan owes its influence to different combinations of dance forms. For example, both ballet and modern dance styles are part of contemporary dance innovating diverse dance movements. Get ready to experience and participate with some of the most renowned choreographers in Milan.

Share your favourite memories from this art connection programme.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests. The dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

The internet is flooded with hordes of travel bloggers and agents offering unique experiences, but when was the last time you travelled for the pursuit of your passion. If you’re looking for an experiential and participatory journey through the art landscape of Vienna and Milan, then this programme is for you. Receive an interesting introduction to four diverse art forms and develop your skills to pursue your creative side. Our curators are associated with globally acclaimed artists and institutions in Europe that enable us to take you to multiple artistic settings otherwise inaccessible to people.

More than just a piece of appreciation and beauty, art is a therapy you desire. Art is where you unleash your creative side and connect with the world on a larger than life scale. This programme is an experiential learning journey set in Vienna and Milan that covers dance, music, visual arts and theatre. Step away from standard tour guides and itineraries, because here you’ll be interacting with professional artists and the cities itself.

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