If art is food for thought then music is food for the brain. This statement is going to be your guiding light for the ultimate musical journey in Rotterdam and Brussels. This programme has been designed for advanced learners who wish to take their understanding of contemporary music to the next level. These intensive workshops focus on three crucial elements of Jazz; improvisation, experimenting with Jazz instruments and learning how to compose music. As you traverse the roaring modern architecture of Rotterdam and the eclectic music scene of Brussels, you'll witness these cities come alive with the sound of music.

This programme has been designed for advanced learners who wish to take their understanding of contemporary music to the next level

Explore Rotterdam. Known as Europe's largest port, Rotterdam is famous for its maritime heritage and experiential architecture. A thriving metropolis of top-class museums celebrating multi-cultural identities, Rotterdam's a paradise for contemporary art, music and architecture fanatics.

The Jazz School at The Hague is one of the best places in the Netherlands to explore and understand Jazz pedagogy in detail. Here you'll get a chance to indulge in participatory workshops under the guidance of professionals. Learn about Jazz compositions, theory, improvisations and your instruments at these workshops especially curated for advanced learners.

Music Matters and Roots & Routes will take you into the belly of artistic and cultural roots of Rotterdam. These two energetic organisations are a hotspot for upcoming musicians, dancers, and artists who want to connect with the professionals and learn more about their choice of music. Strengthen your understanding of music with Music Matters and Roots and Routes.

Your fourth day will be yet another super productive day with LaLaLab in Amsterdam. LaLaLab is a music studio that provides workshops on vocals, music, and songwriting on a professional level. Even though, LaLaLab is entirely run by music professionals and musicians, they do provide tailor-made lessons to advanced learners.

More than just a crossover destination for backpackers, Brussels is the epicentre of Art Nouveau architecture that'll transport you to the medieval world and promises to bring you back with a bang to its hip yet unique contemporary art and architecture. Being one of the most multilingual locations in Europe, Music in Brussels is celebrated by all and there is no dearth of upcoming musicians and professionals.

Gent Jazz festival is an international jazz festival held annually in Ghent, Belgium in July. It aims to bring together the best of the best in the jazz music industry from Belgium and globally celebrating both the traditional and the contemporary scene of jazz in the country.

Now that you're in Brussels and are already exploring its never-ending love affair with music, you must pay a visit to one of its oldest and richest museum of musical instruments, Musical Instrument Museum. Established in 1877, MIM has a collection of over 8000 instruments assembled in 4 different galleries.

Depart from Brussels and share your Culture Fox memories with the world.

The internet is flooded with hordes of travel bloggers and agents offering unique experiences, but when was the last time you travelled for the pursuit of your passion. If you’re looking for an experience in contemporary and jazz music, then be part of this participatory journey. You will learn how to compose music, improvisation and experiment with different jazz instruments. Our curators are associated with globally acclaimed artists and institutions in Europe that enable us to take you to multiple artistic settings that are otherwise inaccessible to people.

You have been a child of music all your life. Music inspires you more than any other art form ever will and so you decided to make it a significant part of your journey in life. This is an experiential journey through the symphonic landscape of Belgium and the Netherlands designed for music lovers like yourself with a minimum of one year of experience with any musical instrument. Our plan here is simply to bring you one giant step closer to the burgeoning contemporary and jazz music setting where you’d be engaging in meaningful discussions with music professionals and artists.

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       c. Cost of workshops
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2. Please note that Visa and flight is not the part of Culture Fox services but can be arranged as per requirement on a cost reimbursement basis.


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