New Architecture and Design in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Design is to an architect what words are to a writer. Engineered by man and beautified by nature, architects aren't focused on just buildings but also innovative designs and sustainable living. Rotterdam is the bona fide architectural hotbed of the Netherlands that rose like a phoenix from the debris left by the Germans in WWII. It received a modern and postmodern facelift representing the experimental nature of its people.

This 10-day programme focuses on different features of architecture and design in Rotterdam and Amsterdam such as sustainability and environment, innovation and technology, urban development and styles like De Stijl, functionalism and the Amsterdamse School.

Trademarked as Europe's busiest port, Rotterdam is today globally celebrated for some of the remarkable feats of civil engineering. Its approach to innovative designs and sustainable lifestyle is giving goals to every other city in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The Dutch are known for making the most of their space, and so recycling is a crucial part of their sustainable lifestyle. An educative tour to an old coffee and tobacco factory will give you insights on the measures taken to sustain old buildings. Other interactive sessions include the old swimming pool Tropicana turned into a restaurant and a mushroom farm, and how two Dutch entrepreneurs started using coffee residue for zero waste.

Many architects and designers in Western Europe preach functionalism. It focuses on the functionality of the design of an object instead of its aesthetic. An interactive session on functionalism and the 60s furniture. Another guided tour will introduce you to a museum of architecture, design and digital culture that exhibits modern art and connects researchers.

Rotterdam wouldn't be on the radar of the most progressive cities in the Netherlands if it didn't focus on urban development. Take lessons on urban development and creative designing by a scholar. You will also get the opportunity for Q&A round with an architect at his studio.

Rotterdam is a delta city building a sustainable lifestyle for people where efforts are made to keep the cities safe, oversee water management and sustainable development. Rotterdam is home to the Floating Pavilion, Floating Forest, avant-garde boathouses and more. Experience the Dutch way of living with professionals.

3D printing, robotics, drones, AI and other new tools have entered the game of technology. Similar to your upgraded app, architects have new tools to build innovative designs. A visit to an industrial location in the middle of the Rotterdam harbour will teach you about design and space followed by digital manufacturing workshops. Explore the Rotterdam skyline later in the day.

De Stijl in Dutch means 'the style', which is also known as Neoplasticism that commenced in 1917. It consisted of artists and architects like Mondriaan and Rietveld who advocated pure abstraction and universality by reducing the essentials of form and colour. Explore concepts like these with professionals and what better way to do it then at a participatory masterclass in Amsterdam.

The Dutch owe their rich architectural heritage to the Golden age that shaped the city as every artist and creative explorers' dream getaway in Europe. Explore and experience how old buildings and empty spaces are being used and modified into sustainable homes. From initiatives working on climate change to increasing greener spaces, get your educative insight.

Now that you've explored the traditional Dutch architecture and design, it's time to indulge into some contemporary spaces.

Travel back from Amsterdam and share Culture Fox memories with the world.

Please note: This is a concept programme that can be customised according to your interests but the dates/activities may vary depending on the availability of the artists/organisations.

We have designed this programme for people who are fascinated by architecture, design and the wonders of civil engineering. Learn with international professionals in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our association with acclaimed institutions and educators enables us to take you through a rollercoaster of educational tours otherwise inaccessible to people.

This 10-day programme will introduce you to different features of architecture and design. From sustainability and urban development to innovation and technology in the contemporary sense, get expert guidance from professional architects, designers and academics.


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